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I have some BIG news to share with yall!

I have accepted a position with LA-based startup GOGII as their Vice President of Corporate Communications! If you haven’t heard of GOGII, we make the leading free messaging app textPlus. I’ll be handling the company’s overall PR strategies, as well as social media, marketing, and product feedback. I’m beyond excited!

So… I’m sure many of you are wondering how I came to this decision?

The last time we spoke, Pelago/Whrrl was acquired by Groupon and I was moving on. My gut told me I should start my own PR consultancy for start-ups integrating marketing, product, social media and mobile. I also figured I’d move to the Bay Area because let’s face it, if you want to play the tech game, it helps to be in the middle of it all. So, it seemed I had a plan formulated…

…but the universe works in mysterious ways.

As I started to travel regularly to San Francisco to get the ball rolling on my business, I got a note from my old boss at Pelago – John Kim. Now if you read my last post when Whrrl was acquired, then you know I have nothing but extreme respect for John. So, when his email highly recommended I meet with the GOGII team because they were rockstars, I didn’t bat an eyelash.

I walked into their Marina del Rey office with no expectations whatsoever. However, after meeting with their founders, I learned they were the brains behind JAMDAT Mobile, which sold to EA for 680 million. Wow. They had worked together for 13 years and were disruptors – first with gaming and now texting. That was impressive. So was the fact that — unlike many of the startups I had met with — this was not their first time to the dog and pony show. Actually, the entire executive team was seasoned and successful.

Plus, I realized several of us flew out to SXSW last year by chance – AND stayed at the same crappy hotel 15 minutes away. :) Hmm… GOGII already felt a little bit like home.

But that doesn’t even cover their A-List investors. Pelago was a Kleiner-Perkins iFund company, and so was GOGII. Not to mention Matrix Partners and Mark Suster from GRP – who wrote this compelling post about why he invested in the company. More than anything, though – I was stoked about the product. I know what you’re thinking. “Texting? Really Heather?” Yes, really!

Now I’m the first person to say that texting wasn’t something I saw as “disruptive”. In fact, I made the point in this SXSW wrap-up article that no one business stood out at the show for me this year including group texting, which was supposedly the hot ticket. But looking beyond the obvious, there’s something exciting about the possibilities when when you give someone a free phone number — and the ability to communicate for free, too.


With carriers abandoning choice in texting and calling plans, there’s a next generation of communication emerging right now as we speak. GOGII will continue to play a pivotal role in this space because people want choice in communication. Being locked down to a contract, charged overage fees and counting minutes is what we’re currently faced with as consumers. But not for long. And that’s all I’m going to say for now. 😉

What can I say is… I am beyond grateful for the support from my friends and family – and yes, that includes my social media friends, too! You believing in me doing great things has made me reach to even higher levels in my professional (and personal) life. I am the happiest I’ve been in eons. Thank you for your love!

And now… it’s off to the next chapter!

PS – I’m heathermeeker on textPlus. You know, just in case you join and/or and want to add me. :)

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